All good hotels tend to lead people to do things they wouldn’t necessarily do at home. Check into Volve Hotel and become an explorer, a writer or even an art critic. As an urban adventurer, make this boutique hotel your base camp in Bangkok.

And for those into numerology, count your days to check in, with four room categories, five floors, 28 rooms at the 53rd soi along Sukhumvit. There’s only one choice of place to stay in the trendy neighbourhood of Thonglor – and that’s Volve Hotel.

From the moment you enter the hotel lobby, you become aware that this hotel is something remarkably different. ‘Constructed’ is a word that doesn’t do this hotel justice. Rather, this hotel has been artistically crafted into something that really needs to be seen, experienced and explored to be fully appreciated.

A Combined Creative Effort

The owner, curator, interior designer and a duo of local artists have combined their considerable talents into presenting a common concept, one that celebrates both the old and the new – aspects of the local Thonglor neighbourhood along with the colour and glory of greater Bangkok and Thailand as a whole. The concept illustrates the cultural diversity of Thailand throughout the years.

Design that explores the aspects of what makes Thailand unique, memorable and much-loved all over the world and what makes travellers who have visited the Kingdom and sampled its many wonders, eager to return.

By artfully combining the décor, finishes, artwork and furnishings with care and precision, these elements serve to reinforce the overall concept, turning the concept into something that’s greater than the sum of its parts, and making the hotel a functional and unique work of art in itself. The overall effect is one of symmetry, achieved through a multitude of diverse and colourful elements, set off against a monotone canvas.

A Study in Craftsmanship

The lobby parquet floor that evolves into marble and the tile walls of the hotel are breathtaking in their complexity and execution. The inlaid accents are both whimsical and exquisitely created. The carefully curated furnishings will take you on a journey back through the latter half of the 20th century.

The custom-commissioned artwork that adorns the walls of both the public areas and the guest rooms is simply the icing on the cake of this well-presented concept. The artwork has been created specifically to complement the overall theme.

The large pieces that are hung throughout the public spaces are colourful and vibrant works that whimsically explore the Kingdom of Thailand gracefully and with an understated sense of humour. The smaller works, displayed in the individual guest rooms, are just as colourful and unique and illustrate the cultural diversity and multitude of lifestyles that the city of Bangkok represents to the world.

A Gathering Place for Experienced Travellers

The concept extends to the guests of the hotel as well. The Volve Hotel is intended to be a comfortable gathering place for intelligent, experienced explorers of the world, both the young and young at heart travellers who still look at the world with a sense of wonder and humour…and a sense of adventure.  This is a place for people who aren’t afraid to share a story of their travels or listen to one. And for those who yearn for urban adventures in a city that has many hidden gems waiting to be explored.

Retroliciously surrounded by hints of both the past and present, the hotel hopes to inspire guests to continue their travels and explorations, to build on their life experiences in order to fully appreciate all that Thailand has to offer.

In this respect, the hotel will serve as a cultural beacon within the rich history and contemporary attractions of Bangkok’s Thonglor neighbourhood. Volve Hotel’s doors will always be open to welcome explorers who have wide eyes and witty minds, and everyone who wishes to see a city differently and appreciates the novel experiences that Bangkok has to offer. Take a different direction to your next visit in Bangkok.