Are you a budding Picasso or a frustrated Degas? If so, or if you simply want to explore your artistic tendencies that you might have (or wish you had), then read on! We were lucky to meet with Nakrob Moonmanas and Thomthong Chaijinda, the two extraordinarily talented Thai artists who are responsible for creating phenomenal artwork that adorn the walls of Volve Hotel. The Volve-commissioned series of modern art has transformed the boutique hotel on Sukhumvit 53, in the trendy Thonglor neighbourhood of Bangkok, into a micro art gallery.

Khun Nakrob and Khun Thomthong spoke with unbridled energy, humour and passion about the colourfully vivid and whimsical collages. We got a exclusive insight into what their artwork represents and their love of art in general.

These two upcoming young artists took genuine pride in sharing their work with us. We got a real sense of the enthusiasm and joy they had in creating the collages, where digital meets culture. They took individual pictures of objects, shaped them and assembled them to create a composition. Their style is a mix of fantasy, imagination and artistic technique that transforms the photo-manipulation into something pictorial and quite unique.

Both gifted artists, Khun Nakrob, a graduate from Chulalongkorn University and Khun Thomthong, who studied at§ Silpakorn University, worked together, smoothly as a well-oiled machine.  After accepting the daunting task of creating art to enliven the hotel walls, the artistic duo set about discussing, in-depth, a concept to fit the hotel theme. They then each set about creating their own takes on the concept, through the medium of digital collage. They chose the digital art medium as it is a factor in the evolution of art. Everyone can do “art”, by knowing a little bit of technique and enjoying the tweaking process on suitable software programmes. However, the real magic happens when you add the imagination and creativity of the artist with the digital technology. It was a dream commission for upcoming artists and they both showed a shared spirit of collaboration and expertise, playing off of each other’s strengths, resulting in a spectacular collection of original art.

Exploring Cultural Diversity

Knowing that the artwork would be viewed mainly by foreign travellers, the hotel owner (Curator) and interior designer wanted to explore and celebrate the rich history of Thailand and the cultural diversity of the city of Bangkok in vibrant pieces of art.

They commissioned Khun Nakrob and Khun Thomthong to create artwork that would convey these messages engagingly and artistically. The artists, in turn, responded with astonishing pieces that illustrate both cultural sensitivity and a playful sense of humour in their execution.

Each of the artists created their own ‘takes’ on the concept, following pre-determined artistic guidelines, so that while no two pieces are exactly alike, the artwork also expresses two points of view within one concept.

Both artists work in the realm of digital art, which provides them with a wide-ranging palette of images to draw from and create meaning within their striking pictorial montage. The results are rich and colourful images of classic Siamese art combined with post-modern touches.

Juxtaposing Icons

From the start of the project, they chose to follow an ‘East meets West’ theme that would give foreigners some context in which to measure the importance of Thai icons. By juxtaposing them against well-known international icons, they cleverly gave the Thai detailing relevance.

Their aim was not only to celebrate Thailand, but also to educate the guests in the history of Thailand, with the Chulalongkorn era of Siamese renaissance being a particular favourite of the artists. This was the era in which Siam began to interact more and more with the western world. This interaction expanded the consciousness of the Siamese and began to form the basis of how Thailand would evolve as a country.

In Khun Nakrob’s and Khun Thonthong’s eloquent, artistic representations, it highlights the bond that has grown throughout the years between foreign travellers and Thais, as well as the warmth and beauty that foreigners find upon discovering all that Thailand has to offer.

A Tasteful Oasis

In commissioning the magnificent artwork of Khun Nakrob and Khun Thomthong, the hotel’s Curator and interior designer have underlined their commitment toward creating a tasteful, vibrant oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

Volve Hotel is a worthy destination for adventurous, witty, inquisitive travellers who enjoy and appreciate the cultural diversity of the city. Come and book your stay, or call in for a coffee, and enjoy the eye candy of dazzling décor, furnishings and original artwork.